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Legal incubator program

The program provides for the creation of the first Eastern European Legal Incubator - an initiative to help young lawyers start their own practice. The program envisages the creation and equipping of office space that will be used by young lawyers for 12 months to work with low-income clients. The young lawyers are supported by mentors who advise them and actively participate in their continuing practical training.

The program also provides thematic trainings for young lawyers on topics identified as important and necessary for them. The incubator trains undergraduate law students, enrolling undergraduate law students for which assistive training is provided for passing the aptitude and admission tests at a bar.

The students admitted to the incubator are committed to participating in the activities of the Youth Program of the Equal Opportunities Initiative. They are also provided with scholarships to support the successful completion of their education. The program is funded by the Trust for Social Achievements Foundation.

The program has created a Facebook page that facilitates communication with participants and promotion of the initiative.

BTV 189 | First Legal Incubator Launches in the Balkans

Bulgaria's First Legal Incubator

Partners and Donors

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