Partners & Donors

Equal Opportunities Initiative Association is supported by the Open Society Foundation ( ), Sigrid Rausing Trust ( ), Trust for Social Achievement Foundation ( ), Center for educational integration of children and students from ethnic minorities of the Ministry on Education ( , Operational program Human Resources Development ( ) and Operational program Science and Education for intelligent growth ( ).

The association is a partner within the non-formal platforms Roma Standing Conference ( ) and National Coalition Intellect. Equal Opportunities Initiative is one of the founding members of the National Intelligence Coalition, which includes more than 40 nationally represented and local civic organizations and individuals united by the idea of proposing a new vision for the social inclusion of the Roma minority and new working models on the implementation of the National Strategy for Roma Integration (2012 - 2020). We are actively involved in the process of developing the new priorities of Operational Programs 2021-2027.

The Equal Opportunities Initiative is developing joint initiatives with partner organizations and programs at home and abroad.

Our long-standing partner is European Play work Association (, German youth organization, with which we jointly organize annual youth exchanges in different European countries.

With Integro Association ( ) we work on joint initiatives, aimed at local development.