Programs & Projects

Educational program

The educational program provides assistance to Roma families for equal access to pre-school and early school education. The program team assists parents in the application process for teaching children in kindergartens and pre-school groups, as well as for the smooth transition of kindergarten children into integrated primary schools.

The program organizes annual information campaigns, thematic trainings for parents, and develops two additional components for enhancing parenting capacity and children's readiness for school: the Reading Club for Parents and the Educational Toys Library.

The program is financially supported by the Ministry of Education's Center for Educational Integration of Children and Ethnic Minority Students.


Partners and Donors

Фондация „Отворено общество“
Сигрид Раузинг Тръст
Тръст за социална алтернатива
Център за образователна интеграция на деца
Оперативна програма Развитие на човешките ресурси
Наука и образование за интелигентен разтеж